13 Jan

I have quirky little monsters.  And while I can laugh about it as I write this, living around some of the day to day quirks can be maddening!

Lucas hates throw pillows.  Written differently… Lucas loves to throw pillows.  As soon as he comes down in the morning, he immediately throws all the pillows off the couch and onto the floor.  He cannot tolerate sitting on the couch if there are offensive pillows in the vicinity — even if they aren’t touching him.  Once the pillows have been dumped onto the floor, he plays over them, stepping, falling, tripping again and again and again.  Approximately 327 times each day, we say “Lucas, pick up the pillows so you don’t trip on them.”  Approximately 327 times each day he refuses and then we are left to comfort him after he tripped and landed face first on a firetruck.

Benjamin is a face smusher.  When you cuddle him at night and rock back and forth, he insists upon pinching your nose and/or lips.  Once he has your facial feature ensconced in his chubby little hand, he squeezes and then smiles.  It seems to relax him to pinch the blood right out of your lips.  I’m hopeful that this is not a sign of future sociopathic behavior.  If you are holding him upright, he prefers to attach himself open mouthed onto your cheek.  His big, open mouth clamps on, hoover vacuum style, and he makes a loud humming noise.  I worry that I’ll be heading into work one day and my co-workers will wonder why/how/where I’m getting the giant cheek hickey.

Thank heavens they are cute…



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