Milestone Alert: First Food

10 Jan

Benny has officially joined the ranks of the solid food consumers.  By solid food, I mean mushed up bowls of sludge-ish looking rice and avocado, but all the same, it’s the first bit of nutrition not made exclusively by my body!

Tim had reached his limit on spit up and night wakings, and declared that it was time to start this child on solids.  We were crossing our fingers that it would help his seemingly worsening reflux symptoms and perhaps fill him up enough to sleep more than three consecutive hours.

Here’s the first taste caught on video:

You’ll see the initial shudder, but he goes back for more.  He definitely is a bigger fan than Lucas was (although that isn’t saying much).  I’m going to give a no comment on the sleep improvement front, and a cautiously optimistic report on the reflux spitting.

It’s time to pull out the steamer and get ready for weekend afternoon’s making baby food!  Green beans next up on the menu.





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