Ice Skating

2 Jan

In our constant quest to tire Lucas out enough so that he will nap, we took him ice skating over the holiday break.  IceSkating

He was super excited, and amazingly not at all nervous.  His tiny ice skates were adorable and he managed to walk around on dry land with them very steadily.  Of course, his balance left a bit to be desired once he was on the ice.

Tim said he needed back replacement surgery after the skating experience, but Lucas thinks he’s ready for the Flyers. Of course, he still didn’t nap.

The littlest one was super bundled, and quite snuggly in the cold rink.



One Response to “Ice Skating”

  1. jan kinnally January 4, 2014 at 9:26 am #

    just luv the tiny little skates!!!

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