Five Months Old

23 Dec

Dear Benjamin-

These days, nearly everyone we meet comments on your fuzzy little noggin.  You have sprouted the most charming head full of spiky, fuzzy, soft hair that catches the eye and commentary of strangers and friends alike.  Your brother is fascinated by it and spends a great deal of time rubbing your head and bestowing it with kiss after kiss — in fact, we often joke that your silly peacock hair is spit styled by Lucas.FiveMonths

But your charm is so much more than your silly hair, you have the sweetest and most generous smile.  We used to have to work to get your brother to smile.  Not you though.  You, my little boodle, love smiling.  You smile whenever you make eye contact with us.  It’s gummy, drooly, wide open and perfectly delightful. And typically, after a big wide open smile, you make a head first dive into the neck of whomever is holding you.  It can hurt, I won’t lie, a solid smack to the clavicle, but it’s also one of my favorite Ben-isms.  It’s like you just can’t bear the excitement of smiling at us anymore and you need to squeal and bury your face in a big Benja-hug.

Your known around daycare for a few things — first and foremost, for your incredible abs. As soon as anyone puts you down, you are immediately engaging in active crunches – scrunching your upper body up so that you can see everything and everyone around you.  You can practically fold yourself in half in the name of nosiness (I’m sure Daddy has an opinion on where you get the nosiness… he can’t keep it to himself though).  You are also renowned for your ability to eschew napping. You pretty much think napping — well, all sleep really — is for babies, and you are a big five-month old certainly in no need of rest.  You are much too interested in watching the world that taking a break and getting some rest.FiveMonthsOld1

The sleep thing, while certainly a signature Benny thing, is one that we wouldn’t mind changing this month.  Six months sounds like the perfect age to sleep through the night.  Heck, I’d settle for waking up just once in the middle of the night to visit.  These days, we live a tale of two Benjamins.  There is the angel Benjamin who graces us during daytime hours – happy, content, smiling, cooing and crunching away.  Then the night sets and your alter ego arrives…. nighttime Benjamin is cranky, loud, angry and certainly not willing to sleep for more than an hour at a time.  You wake up often and start shrieking.  Tim described the noise to a sound we’d imagine a dying llama would make, and that’s about as dead on a description as anyone could give. If we leave you be, you’ll carry on braying for upwards of an hour whereby I lose my patience and head into your room for a quick snuggle, bounce and paci and you are immediately back asleep for the next sixty minutes.

You are rolling more and more regularly – always from your back to your belly.  Of the 327 times that you call us into your room in the middle of the night, about half of those times are to flip you over onto your back, because you absolutely hate being stranded on your belly.  You aren’t quite sitting yet, not even supported.  You are a huge fan of flailing about though and your wild flailing, crunching and arching help you move all around the floor and your crib without much impediment.

Benny, we simply adore you — even with the utter exhaustion. You are our happy little boodly baby, our little Benja-roo.  It’s impossible to believe you are five months already, but we are so thankful for every minute.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama



2 Responses to “Five Months Old”

  1. GiGi December 24, 2013 at 9:46 am #

    Happy, happy baby!!!!!

  2. jan kinnally December 30, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Ben, after finally meeting you in person this weekend at nan and pops, you are truly a gem of a little one ! Just love your wonderful , happy personality at 5 months, you are the man at the tender age of 5 months!!!

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