Brunch with Santa

18 Dec

The annual pilgrimage to sit upon Santa’s lap and make all holiday bequests was upon us.


Lucas had zero hesitation this year.  There was no hiding behind my legs or clinging to Tim’s shirt.  There was only a confident march to Santa’s side and a proud request for an airplane.  He told Santa that Benjamin was in the market for a “little elephant” and showed Santa with his hands exactly how big the elephant should be.

SantaLucasThey talked about Santa’s excellent workmanship in airplanes, and how he just happens to specialize in tiny elephants.

SantaBenjaminAnd they parted ways with after a candy cane and a coloring book exchanged hands.  There was vigorous waving and a lot of toddler self pride.  All in all, it was adorable overload.

The little one?  He was rather unphased by the whole thing.  I imagine next year will be quite a different story!

SantaBrothersOf course, even the visit with Santa may have been outshined by the endless supply of desserts at the brunch.  Someone (not me) took two trips to the dessert table.  There was a lot of squealing, big smiles and chocolate smeared cheeks.  There was also quite a significant sugar crash about thirty minutes later.



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