The Adventures of Quacky the Elf

17 Dec

Quacky’s been around these parts since December 1st, and Lucas is utterly enthralled with his presence.  This charming little elvin figure who sneaks around our house while everyone sleeps provides gads of anticipation and near explosive excitement each morning.

I never thought I’d be “that mom” – one who commits to the whole “Elf on the Shelf” phenomenon.  I still curse the silly thing regularly – specifically this week at 3:30am when I had to go downstairs and move the g-d creature from the Christmas tree to the inside of the entertainment center.  But, the unbridled joy it brings… it is so, so worth it.

Quacky’s been spotted in all kinds of dangerous and precarious locations.  Daddy, in particular, likes to move Quacky to ridiculously high peaks around the house.  He’s been perched on our second floor window sill and spent one day swinging on the top of our curtains.


He’s also known for gathering little surprises on his nightly trip to the north pole, and bringing them back to delight the boys.  The morning after we put the lights on the Christmas tree, Quacky delivered a set of personalized ornaments with the boys’ names.  This past weekend, Quacky was found in our front hallway reading a brand new Christmas book.

He’s done his fair share of mischievous acts, as well.  He loves to play with Luke’s toys while he’s sleeping, and has been spotted steering his dump truck around our counters.  Most recently, he spent the night swinging from our bathroom light fixture and draping toilet paper from the ceiling.

Quacky1 There’s only ten days left till Christmas, and I’m sure Lucas will be devastated to part ways with his tiny friend for the next eleven months.  I, however, know I’ll sleep a little better without the constant panic of “shit, did we remember to move the elf!”


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