Three Years Old

9 Dec

Dear Lucas,

Last night I tucked you into bed with monkey, blankey and four stuffed puppy dogs.  It’s always monkey and blankey, and most nights you carefully select one or two additional “friends” to join you up on your pillow.  You treat this decision with the same gravity that I imagine high school students use when selecting their colleges.  It’s serious business, and you apply the same precision to the challenging task of selecting the nightly pre-bedtime books.

After I tucked you in, we sat and talked about what was happening three years ago that night.  I told you all about the waiting and the wondering – how mommy had been wanting for so long for a baby to come and be a part of our family.  And after all that waiting, three years ago today, Lucas arrived and made me a mommy.  You interrupted to clarify that your arrival also made your father a daddy.  You were our most exciting adventure to date, and we were so thrilled to have you.  I told you how much Mommy and Daddy love you — you pointed out that Tali and Benjamin love you a lot too.  That’s how most of our conversations go these days — I say something and you jump in with clarifications, questions and addendums — and at three years old, you are nearly always right on the money.

Lucas James, you are our bright, funny, ray of sunshine. And like a beam of light, you bounce around our house fueled by the sun’s brilliance and sustained by a constant stream of chatter, laughter, demands and temper tantrums.  Living so close to a sunbeam makes for an interesting day-to-day existence.  I never know if your shining personality will transform everyone into a roving band of pirates aboard a bouncing ship made of throw pillows, teetering on the brink of plunging deep into the water (carpet) below.  Or if the sunbeam will burn a bit too bright causing your hot personality to sting and leave a mark.  This year has had its  fair share of time outs, screaming tantrums, fits of wild behavior and overall rough, tough boy-play.

You are always up for the latest adventure, and the days spent stuck in the house seem endless for your “go, go, go” personality. You love to make big suggestions for where we should go and what we should do.  You tell us that you’d like to go swimming and we should get out your pool, even in the cold of winter.  You are adamant that we should head to the playground, and specific in which playground you’d like to visit.  You dredge up memories of places we visited months ago and haven’t talked about since and request a quick trip to play there again.

You still aren’t a big eater, and I can count the number of vegetables you’ve consumed this year on a single hand.  You often flick the veggies I put on your dinner plate into the middle of the table with a confident and loud “dose are not yummy for me!” declaration.  You announce loudly that “Mommy likes salad,” or “Daddy eats broccoli,” and are equally as bold in assuring us that never a green bean will cross your lips. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ravioli with red sauce are our best bets in getting a dinner off of a plate and into your mouth.  Otherwise, you prefer a steady intake of fruit and snack foods — cheese sticks, crackers, cereal bars, goldfish and raisins.

We had a huge change this summer as we welcomed Benjamin into our family.  I was very, very worried about how you’d handle the seismic shift of a baby into our well oiled machine of a daily routine.  And the biggest surprise of all was your immediate adoration of your little brother.  You marched into the hospital room to meet him and offered kisses up without any prompting from us.  You are the best big brother we could have ever imagined, and you love Benjamin with a fierceness that is both charming and a little frightening.

It has been a true joy to watch your imagination grow this year, little guy.  You’ve got big ideas and are constantly inventing new games, songs, and story lines for your toys to act out.  It’s not unusual for you to shout about the alligators roaming through our family room, or the cow you spotted in the kitchen.  You are quick to reassure us that they are friendly creatures and nothing we should fear.  Your little people toys are still the favorites, and their enterprises are becoming bigger and more complicated.  They all have names — albeit words you’ve created — and heaven help the parent who mistakes Hennis for Slocky.

Lucas, you are our best big boy.  We love you with all our hearts, and are so grateful you are ours.  I’m so grateful to be living with a sunbeam and cannot wait to see where you shine next year.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama

3 Year Stats:
34 pounds
38 inches**NOTE: Three year pictures are coming soon… well, as soon as I take them.***


3 Responses to “Three Years Old”

  1. Megan December 9, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    Happy birthday to the best nephew!!!! We love you Lucas James!

  2. Nan & Pops December 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm #

    Happy Birthday to a dear little boy who has brought us much joy in our lives through this blog.

  3. Teresa December 10, 2013 at 4:06 am #

    Happy Birthday little sunshine. Aunt T loves you to the moon and back too!

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