Gems from School

7 Dec

Luke has brought home some real gems at school lately.

They recently did a unit on babies and learned more about how to care for and treat them.  The teacher brought in hard boiled eggs and the kids got to color faces and add eyes.  They were supposed to take care of their egg baby all day long and then bring it home to their parents that evening.

Here’s Lucas’ egg:

photoHopefully Benjamin fares a bit better around his big brother than the poor egg did…

A few weeks before the “egg incident,” they were studying opposites and completed a coloring sheet with a mouse and a lion.  Here’s the work of art:

IMG_2259Did you notice?  The l-i-o-n was apparently a l-o-i-n.  So happy that my soon-t0-be-three-year old is all schooled up on loins.

Also, notice the coloring on both items?  Orange.  It’s always orange with our Lucas!


One Response to “Gems from School”

  1. Teresa December 7, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    The loin??? What kind of school are you sending him too?? Too cute. Reminds me of when David drew me a picture and wrote “Mom, your the beast” on it!!!!!

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