Mommy and Boys

5 Nov

I wanted to get a nice Fall photo with my boys.  They were wearing their Halloween shirts, and our pumpkins were calling us to the front porch.  I asked Tim to take the photos and we grabbed a spot on the front porch.  The following photos are such a true reflection of how quickly things change at Luke’s current age.

Here’s the first one on the camera. You can see the enthusiastic smile from Lucas, but the positioning of everyone left a bit to be desired.  Tim asked him to slide over a bit closer to the pumpkins. Luke refused.

Here you see a zoomed in version as Tim tried to get everyone into the frame without Lucas moving.  You can tell by the gritted teeth in the smile that Lucas was losing patience with our efforts and he certainly wasn’t planning on moving.  We asked again for him to move four inches towards the pumpkins.


In this one, I give it a go, turning around and asking nicely for him to scoot over for the picture.


Clearly, the idea of moving four inches was akin to impaling himself with that pumpkin stem.  Wasn’t having it.


Not. Doing. It. Refusing. To. Move.


And this one is my favorite, Tim was annoyed and announces, “Forget it.  We can crop him out.” He takes this one…


And here’s the cropped version without the sad photobomber (although if you look closely, you can see the canine photobomber in the window).



One Response to “Mommy and Boys”

  1. GiGi November 5, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    Poor Ben looks a little puzzled by the whole affair too, and yes, I do see Tali, he thinks he sees Gigi and can’t wait to jump all over her and bark!!!!

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