Four Random Thoughts about Benjamin (12 Weeks)

18 Oct

1. He hates boobs.  Hates ’em.  I’m being turned down flat when it comes to eating time.  If I even shift him into nursing position, screaming ensues.  There is screaming, shrieking, arching, head shaking… there is certainly no eating.  But, break out the bottle and he practically sighs with relief at the sight of his best buddy.  I think our nursing days are over.

2. We switched from the Rock and Play to the crib two weeks ago — about two months earlier than we transitioned Lucas. It’s been…. exhausting.  He wasn’t sleeping great in the Rock and Play, and he’s sleeping even worse in the crib.  It’s not unmanageable, but it’s certainly far from ideal.  We also stopped swaddling him at the same time since he’s so close to rolling over.  Nearly every night I consider swaddling him up and dropping his tiny booty back in that Rock and Play…

Ben- Who Me

3. He is becoming quite the mover and shaker.  I put him down in the middle of his crib each night and find him facing the opposite direction nearly every time I go back in.  He scrunches up on his side and straightens himself out so that he can wiggle around.  It reminds me of Luke which makes me very nervous for the two years to come!

Ben - Tongue Out

4. We are having lots of conversation these days.  He’s a coo’ing machine.  It’s ridiculously adorable. Here is some of the cute:


One Response to “Four Random Thoughts about Benjamin (12 Weeks)”

  1. Marjorie Seamans October 18, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    Enjoyed the Coos. Grampy

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