Potty Training

3 Oct

I’ll spare you all the pictures on this one.

Saturday was the kickoff of the next big phase in Luke’s life — one where he doesn’t get to defecate and urinate with reckless abandon — potty training.  See ya diapers, hello underwears.

After a few weeks of consistent potty use at daycare, it was time to really commit at home.  I have been looking forward to this about as much as a guilty man looks forward to sentencing… in other words, not at all. While the idea of only changing one child’s diapers holds some appeal (both for my nose and my wallet), I have visions of crouching over dirty toilets in public restrooms trying to help a two year old aim, or needing to pull over on the side of the road during car trips to accommodate shouts of “I need to go potty.”  But none the less, it was time and he was ready.

We are five days in and have had about six accidents total. He’s wearing his “underwears” at school and is excited to put them on each morning, proudly announcing their color and/or character. We’ve got a bit of a way to go with regard to recognizing the need to go, rather than just going when we put him on the potty, but we are starting to see signs of improvement here.

And although you won’t see them posted here, I can assure you that pictures of the little guy proudly sporting his underwear have been taken and are ridiculously cute.


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