Five Things I Love About Benjamin – 10 Weeks

1 Oct

Ten weeks always feels somewhat monumental to me.  One minute, I’m home with my newborn and then seconds later, we are into double digit weeks.  There’s no turning back from this point.  We are on the slip and slide of growing up and I’m constantly reminding myself to press pause and breathe in this amazing ten week old baby.

1. His grip is getting stronger and stronger.  He loves to grab a handful of my shirt when I’m holding him and clings to it fiercely.  He has also started clinging to his blankets while in his swing or bounce seat.  He grabs big chunks and pulls them up towards his mouth with purpose.  Unfortunately, he has the same passion for clutching onto fistfuls of my hair.

2. His record of grunts and squeaks has a new track, as he recently discovered the delight of sucking his fists.  I can’t tell if he’s on his way towards a future of thumb sucking, or if the novelty of jamming his fist into his mouth and sucking with all his might is just too novel for him to resist, but he’s a big fan at this age.


3. His smiles are coming all the time these days.  They start in his eyes and spread through his face and into his whole body.  From eye crinkle to mouth perking up then big full body extension… his smile is so big that it’s almost hard to photograph – it’s fluid and beautiful.  Honestly, it’s impossible to not smile when he lays one on you – – even at three in the morning.

4. He has perfected the big, strong kicks — so strong they self-propel his bounce seat.  It’s always fun to watch him kicking away, but the highlight is the double legged synchronized kick.  It is a horizontal jump and it is almost always accompanied with a loud coo.

5. He loves to be in the baby carrier.  I never had one with Lucas so I’m new to the joys of baby wearing, but it makes outings simple and he snuggles right in.


One Response to “Five Things I Love About Benjamin – 10 Weeks”

  1. GiGi October 1, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

    Sweet Benjamin!!!!

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