23 Sep

It’s been about a year since we decided to purchase our house.  And, although it still feels very much like our “new” house, there is also a really lovely sense of being settled that has recently inched into days.  I attribute this new feeling of this house being “our place” in part to the really amazing community that is developing within the borders of our street.

I think it is fair to say that not every neighborhood is a community — sometimes they are merely closely grouped buildings whose residents come in and out with little interaction.  We really didn’t know if that was what we’d find in this new neighborhood, a bunch of working professionals who give a courtesy wave as they pass you by, or if we’d stumble onto one of those unique streets where people connect, kids play, parents gather and community grows.  I’m so thrilled to be part of the latter.


As you can see from the above phone snapshot of our recent block party, strollers scattered the cul de sac, mixed alongside kids toys, lawn chairs, mini tables and grills rolled out onto the asphalt.  With eleven homes on our street, it is amazing to think we have five kids under the age of four months.  More, we have 12 children under the age of three.

Lucas has “neighborhood friends” – kids who knock on our door to see if he can come out and play.  He loves spending his evenings riding tricycles up around the cul de sac and kicking balls back and forth with pals.  Even better, it’s a treat to be outside with him – shouting “slow down” and “be careful” as I glance over my shoulder during chats with neighbors.

Plans are already in the works for a Halloween celebration for all… and with it, an even more ingrained sense of “we all belong here” as we raise our families with one another.


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