Two Months Old

22 Sep

Dear Ben-

You have beautiful eyes.  I spend a lot of time looking at them these days.  They are incredibly blue – pure, ocean blue with flecks of white. You are exceptional at staring at me with them.  You are also exceptional at opening them super wide with a look of utter fear, shock and a ‘can you believe this is happening’ glare — that mostly happens when your brother is hovering mere centimeters from your face shouting “it’s okay, little Ben.”

And, Lucas is right — unlike that time he insisted that you love it when he wipes his boogers on your forehead (don’t worry, I stopped him right away) — everything is okay now that you are here.  You are such a perfect addition to our family, our little contented boy.  I tell everyone that you are “along for the ride” – and this month that was definitely true. You were at the zoo, Sesame Place, the park, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.  We are so blessed with your pleasant demeanor and willingness to tag along on our crazy outings.  You win everyone over with wide eyed stares and treat the very lucky bystander to one of your amazing smiles.


Speaking of smiles, they arrived this month, and with them my heart bubbled with joy.  You make us work hard for them, little Ben.  We beg and plead.  We smile your way and talk in funny voices.  Your brother hugs and acts crazy to catch your favor.  And then, just when we’ve about given up and looked in the other direction, you give us a little squeak and a big wide grin.  Once they start, we usually get a few amazing minutes of big smiles, bright eyes and lots of coos.  Hands down, those are some of the best minutes of my day.


We also started seeing some big kicks and long kicking sessions from you.  You kick with purpose and force (something that I could attest to long before I could actually see you kicking).  You love to kick along to songs and we listen to lots of music all day long.  Your playmat and bouncy seat are favorite places to kick, and you are often happy to spend nearly an hour kicking around in those places.

You are still my little snuggler.  You’d like to take all your naps curled up on my shoulder or snuggled into my side.  I’d like you to take all your naps there too.  I sniff your head like its a drug and pat your back for hours some days.  You shake your head back and forth and sigh when settling in.  You are a noisy sleeper – panting, squeaking, sometimes letting out high pitch shouts in between sleep cycles.  If you put me blindfolded in a room, I’m sure I could pick you out of a crowd of sleeping babies.  Your little noises are so uniquely you – so much your signature right now, Benjamin.

I look at your brother and I can’t imagine you his size.  You are our little bug, our Benja-buggy boy.  We are in no hurry, little man.  This time is so precious and I’m so thankful to share it with you.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your Mama



One Response to “Two Months Old”

  1. Marjorie Seamans September 23, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    Thanx for the “grin” blog. It was so well written. Grampy

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