Dinner conversation

23 Aug

Here is a snippet of our dinner conversation last night.

Lucas: Quack. Quack.photoMommy: Oh, you are a duck.  There is a duck at our dinner table.  What do ducks eat?
Lucas: Ducks eat water.
Mommy: Hmmm, I don’t know about that. I think they drink water, but I bet ducks eat fish.
Lucas: NO. NO. NO, Mommy! Ducks don’t eat fish.  They eat water.
<pauses as he thinks about it….>
Penguins eat fish.
Mommy: I think penguins AND ducks eat fish.
<cue tantrum and inconsolable screaming, because….>
Lucas: Penguins eat fish…… NOT DUCKS! DUCKS EAT WATER!

Well okay then…

I tried to reenact the conversation later in the night on video… and you can hear his disdain for my ridiculous suggestion that ducks might eat fish.  Also, I love his pronunciation of penguins.


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