The Fair

19 Aug

We took two trips to our beloved Grange Fair last week.  And, it is with great pride that I tell you, Lucas is as much a fan as his parents.

In fact, I’m fairly sure I should be featured at next year’s Grange Fair for utilizing every component of the fair throughout each life phase… from entering baked goods and crafts as a child to saving every penny for rides throughout my school year; from procuring our wedding license at the courthouse “booth” of the fair to this year’s crowning achievement — breast feeding Benjamin in the “nursing mother” booth (and the car).  It was definitely a “oh how life has changed” moment, but definitely worth it to see Lucas enjoy each moment of the Grange experience.

Luke literally leaped with joy when we say the animals all lined up for our viewing pleasure.  His entire body vibrated with excitement.  If you had been there, you would likely have heard him shouting “hello” to the cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc… there is a chance you could have heard him even if you weren’t there since he was practicing his “outdoor voice” with wild abandon.  Like last year, he spent hours climbing on and off the tractors.  He was happy to practice steering, shifting gears and jabbing his foot at the gas pedal.

But, the animals and the tractors paled in comparison to the glee over the carnival rides… he shrieked like Santa Claus had just dropped into his lap when he laid eyes on the display of rides.  Even better, he was thrilled to get on each one and waved his little hand numb at every person watching him go round and round on the boats, motorcycles, train, and jeeps.  He was the mayor of the fair — entertaining all the other parents watching their little kids indulge in the rides; he even melted the cold hearts of the carni people taking tickets with his enthusiastic waving.

(click on the picture to enlarge!)


I’ve written before about my feelings on the Grange Fair.


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