Taste of Normalcy

12 Aug

The first few weeks after bringing home a baby seem to be such a stark departure from our version of normal.  We tend to be rather on the go during the weekends.  I’m constantly asking (he would say badgering…) Tim about our “plan” and what’s next on our agenda.

I like to have something schedule pre- and post- Lucas’ nap.  He sleeps better if we make efforts to get out of the house, and Tim and I go less crazy with the constant begging for us to play with him.  In our life with only a two-year old, we had mastered being out and about.  In our new life as a family of four, we are tentative at best.  Leaving the house requires an extended preparation time – both for packing and pre-trip breastfeeding — that sometimes outweighs the benefits of the trip.

In these early weeks, Tim has done a great job of holding down the fort, both in terms of errands and “fun.”  He has taken Lucas to the playground by himself; spent an inordinate time running around outside with him; and handled the weekend grocery shopping.  I, on the other hand, have sat on the couch and fed the baby — a task that takes up hours (literally…I’m timing it) of my time every single day.

But Saturday night, we ventured out for ice cream, and had a literal taste of what used to be our normal.  We packed up all the diapers, the nursing pillow (just in case), the baby carrier, etc… and headed to the local farm after dinner.  We ate ice cream outside and walked around to look at the farm animals.

MommyBoysAtFarm“Normal” tasted amazing.


One Response to “Taste of Normalcy”

  1. Teresa August 14, 2013 at 5:10 am #

    Luke’s smile lights up the world.

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