The Singer

9 Aug

In the past few weeks, we’ve been living in quite a musical household.  Lucas sings constantly — sometimes the songs are recognizable, but more often than not, they are tunes of his own creation featuring words equally mysterious.  He sings to his toys; he sings during mealtime; he sings in the backseat of the car…

As a former choir officer (nerd alert beeping loudly, trust me, I know…), I love his love of music.  And while he will proudly sing songs learned in school, most of which Tim and I don’t know the words to, his preferences at home run a little more adult.  When I play the children’s channels on Pandora and kid’s songs come on, he shouts, “I don’t like this music! Turn it off!” Thus far, he’s shown a strong predilection for listening/dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ “Home,” and various Bruno Mars ditties.

None the less, here’s his rendition of Old McDonald as performed during dinner on Friday night. It’s a farm where horses moo.


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