Two Weeks Old

7 Aug

Our littlest man weighed in yesterday at 8 pounds 11 ounces — easily surpassing his birth weight, the goal for the two week well visit — and measured a full inch longer than at birth.  That’s a lot of growing for two short weeks — although he’s done a.l.o.t. of eating in that time frame so I’m certainly not surprised.


He has more good sleep nights than bad… although just writing that nearly ensures that I’ll be up every hour tonight.  His first stretch of night sleep is usually 5.5 hours although we did have one night of nearly 7 straight hours.  Of course, he isn’t sleeping in the crib – which he acts like pains him.  He is safely ensconced in the beloved Rock and Play Sleeper — also known as the “Baby Sleep Machine” or “Mommy’s Best Friend.”


He tried out brother’s bed the other night … almost camouflaging his tiny body into the busy sheets, and looking strangely the same size as the stuffed animals on the left of the bed.  And while Lucas thought it was pretty neat to have him in his bed, he was quick to tell us that he should be removed, because this is a “big boy bed” and Benjamin is a “tiny little baby.”


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