Summer Scenes

19 Jul

It’s been a light photo month… what can I say, I’m just not up for crawling around on all fours to capture the perfect angle or image.  More than that, the thought of adding my heavy DSLR camera to the diaper bag and lugging it around anywhere is a huge deterrent —  I don’t need one more thing hanging off my body at this point!

But, I’m still trying to furiously document and capture as many of these sweet summer moments from Luke’s third summer, especially those scenes that are unique to these hot, hot stretches of days.

Like, his first time shucking corn outside on Gigi and PopPop’s deck.

ShuckingCornAnd while this next picture is far from “good” — since I could barely lift my arms to snap it, let alone lift my body to get a better angle and focus… there are so many little moments, micro-scenes from summer, that make it such a true reflection of our July days…

ShuckingCorn3I love that you can see his tight little grip on the corn husk.  You can see his fist pulling furiously to reveal the pretty yellow kernels marching down the ear.  You can tell from PopPop (and Tim’s body-less hand) hand, he was pulling so feverishly that he nearly knocked himself backwards.

I love that you can see his diaper peeking out of his bathing-suited-bottom.  Because while it would be easier to have a potty trained toddler pre-Baby arrival, it isn’t in the cards for us.  And, his diapered booty is still awfully adorable.

And those sweet red cheeks marked with smudges of white sunscreen — a sure sign of summer heat on a toddler too busy to wait for his sunscreen to be totally rubbed on before rushing outside to play.  He doesn’t seem to feel the heat – even this ungodly 100 degree plus stuff we are “enjoying” now.  He’d gladly spend hours outside walking around, playing baseball, dragging his wagon through the neighborhood or driving his car up and down the driveway.  He comes back inside with hair styled into a curly mop with sweat and cheeks kissed with heat.  And, even though I’m too hot to even stand myself, I happily let him crawl up onto my lap and smoosh his steamy body into mine.

ShuckingCorn2Because, these summer scenes are fleeting.  Ears of corn with bits of silk still dangling off them… big smiles of pride over simple accomplishments like helping to ready dinner… ghostly white baby skin inherited from his equally translucent parents that will surely turn golden brown in summers to come when adolescence begets bigger fights over sunscreen application…

ShuckingCorn1Squinty eyes that can’t tolerate the summer sun any better than his Mama’s eyes can…

Ultimately, pictures that wouldn’t have made the cut off the camera card even two months ago are now treasured reflections on summer days slipping through our fingers.


2 Responses to “Summer Scenes”

  1. Kristin July 19, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    Love! You have a beautiful way with words, Jess 🙂

  2. Teresa July 20, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    Beautiful expression of love by words.

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