15 Jul

Lucas has had a lot of amazing zingers lately.  Things he says that cause all the adults in the meet eyes, bite lips and try not to bust out laughing.

Here are some of my favorites…

  • Aunt Megan asks, “Lucas, what is brother’s name going to be?” He pauses, gives real consideration to the question and responds sincerely with “Curious George.”
  • There is still great confusion around brother’s entrance to the world.  Last week, he said “Mommy, tomorrow, please you take brudder out of your belly, then get a glove and play baseball with me.”  And then just last night, he started a sentence by saying “when brudder crawls out of your belly…”
  • We went to see Tim’s softball game last week, and he was an enthusiastic (and so well behaved) fan.  Each time Tim came up to bat, Luke gave an enthusiastic “GO Daddy!” cheer.  Similarly, anytime anyone in the outfield (Tim plays center field) caught a ball, they received the same “GO Dadddy” reinforcement.  But, the clear zinger highlight was the end of the game.  Luke watched all the players pack up their bags and start to head out, and immediately commented, “All the Phillies are leaving…”
  • He’s been very interested in rules lately – and (thankfully) compliant with them.  We talked about rules on our ride to Tim’s game and he understood he wasn’t to run out onto the field, couldn’t cry and whine, etc… But, as he processes the rules, they apparently appear on signposts that only he can see.  He commented as we were walking up to the field, “The sign says no running” – despite the fact that there was no sign.  Similarly, this weekend, Lucas has spotted signs all around our house that say things like “no pooping in underwears” or “don’t hit.”
  • Yesterday, he decided to wear his ring toss rings on his head (all eight of them at once, of course) as a crown.  And, a few minutes in, one popped off.  With great frustration, he sighed “Oh no!  My queen fell off.”
  • And in the final category of “too cute to correct,” we’ve noticed a word mix-up when putting his binkie away after nap or nighttime. Usually, you find him clutching monkey, a random additional “friend” and furiously sucking his binkie when he initially wakes up.  Before he will leave his room or relinquish his binkie, he usually pops it out and specifies how many more “sips” he’d like on it.  As in, “four more sips, okaaaaaay?” – whereupon he pops the binkie back in, sucks it four times and then says “see ya later, binkie” and is content to leave it behind.

One Response to “Zingers”

  1. GiGi July 17, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    Hysterical!!! So great to document these comments, because they could easily be forgotten, and replaced by more “zingers” in days to come!!!!!

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