Baby Prep 101

12 Jul

We’ve been trying for weeks to try and prepare Lucas for the major changes coming his way.  From reading books about being a big brother to talking regularly about what we will be doing once brother his here, babies are all the rage in our house.

He loves to watch “Baby Lucas TV” – otherwise known as videos of himself as an infant.  And, he is enthralled at how tiny he was and at all the gadgets/devices we were using with him like his infant bath tub, the jumperoo and the swing.  If we are watching videos from the first six months of his life, he seems to grasp that he’s looking at old footage of himself.  If he is any older in the videos, he insists that the baby is not Lucas, but instead cousin Mason.

He has also taken a bigger interest in brother and his activities in my belly.  Several times now, he’s stopped me in public and demanded a chance to feel brother.  This is charming, adorable and thrilling to see his interest.  It is, however, significantly less charming that he only wants to feel brother after I’ve lifted my shirt (or dress…) up in the air and bared my stomach for all to see.  Apparently, my paper thin cotton layer of clothing impedes his relationship with his sibling. He’s equally fascinated with watching brother rock and roll inside the belly — which is particularly hilarious since his father avoids looking at/touching/interacting with the belly like he may contract the Black Death from it.

On our most recent “brother bonding” experience, we took Lucas for his first trip to Build A Bear so that he could make a present for brother.


He was thrilled to pick out the bear that he thought brother would like best of all.  And, then really enjoyed adding the stuffing, picking out the bear’s heart, giving teddy a bath and packing him up to wait for brother’s arrival.


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  1. Teresa July 12, 2013 at 5:35 pm #

    Adorable 🙂

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