Stall tactics

11 Jul

Lucas is perfecting his stall tactics.Conversations usually go one of a few ways:

Option 1:

Mommy — “Hey buddy, it’s time to go eat dinner; can you pick up your toys?”
Lucas — “I want to cuddle wit you!”

I find this one particularly ingenious and expertly manipulative all at the same time.  What Mommy doesn’t want to cuddle with their child?  Especially their child that spent the first two years of their life running away at full speed towards every dangerous item within grasp.  It’s so easy to forget that I asked him to do something that he is avoiding and instead say, “sure dude, climb on up, let’s cuddle.”  I think this technique could be named “Mommy’s About To Have Another Baby And Imma Gonna Play On Her Exhaustion and Weaknesses”

Option 2:

Mommy — “Hey buddy, it’s time to take a bath; can you pick up your toys?”
Lucas — “I don’t feel good.”

This is a significantly more maddening technique than the first.  But, also becoming increasingly more frequent within our house.  Lucas doesn’t feel good pretty much every night when it is time to go upstairs for bath.  Interestingly, he also doesn’t feel good when it is time to leave the playground, go to school or throw away his messes.  If pressed, he will specify the malady.  It’s usually a toe, his nose or his belly that is hurting.

Option 3:

Mommy — “Hey buddy, it’s time to go to school; lets go downstairs and get ready?”
Lucas — “I want my daddy.  Not you.  I don’t like brudder.  I need my daddy. Not YOU! I’m angggrryyy.”

Ah yes, the playing-one-against-the-other tactic… when parent #1 requests something, and the immediate response is to run to parent #2 for comfort, protection and, most importantly, a chance to stall the pending request.  Notice how he slyly slipped his disdain for brother into these conversations — because, you know, he’s “annnngrrryyy” which is said almost with a growl over the “g” – so why not pile on.


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