Jumping In

9 Jul

We had a wet weekend — not with rain, but with pool water.  It was the only manageable way to be outside in this beastly heat and humidity.  We spent Sunday afternoon ensconced in Grandma’s pool with Aunt Cara, Grandma and Grandpa.

Luke spent the entire time jumping in. As you can see in this video, he doesn’t really jump to you as much as to the side of you — forcing the catcher to quickly nab him from the side before he sinks to the bottom.  Thus far, it seems he has Tim’s ability to sink ingrained in him much stronger than my love of floating.

I wish I had braved taking my phone into the pool to get a head on video.  The giant, mouth open smile he gives while jumping is the best part! If he keeps up with this strong love of water, I see swim lessons in our immediate future and a membership to a pool club not too far off from that.


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