Pretend Play

1 Jul

We’ve had a two week respite from the truly horrendous terrible twos.  Although, now that I typed that, I imagine the torture is heading right back our way.  And, with that respite comes the return of pretend, independent play.  Luke will, once again, spend 30-60 minutes creating and acting out elaborate scenes for his men, Disney characters, stuffed animals and cars with various household items for inspiration and flavor.

As I type, he’s currently piling up the couch pillows, blankets and several of Tali’s toys to serve as a “mountain” that Mickey Mouse is climbing.  Mickey is apparently in search of his Daddy.  Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Grandpa and Pop Pop are frequent characters in his pretend play.  He assigns one of these names to his men and consistently (and loudly) refers to them by name throughout the entire play period.

Most recently, we’ve had a new character as part of his pretend play.  You’d think it might be one of his friends from school, Gigi, Mason … anyone he’d actually met.  But, nope. It’s Chooch – Carlos Ruiz, the catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. And, considering that I had to look up his actual name and position – we can be sure he isn’t learning about Chooch from Mommy.

Currently, Chooch is buried in a cage in the middle of the mountain making dinner.  Mickey and his Daddy are searching for a skylight to find Chooch so they can drive a car to Mickey Park… Fascinating.


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