Two and a Half Years Old

11 Jun

Dear Lucas–

You make me laugh.  You also make me crazy.  Usually these happen within moments of one another – such is life with a two and a half year old. We are living on your roller coaster these days, and it’s a wild ride.

There are so many brilliantly bright parts to our days.  I love to catch your eye across the room and have you break into a whole face, practically whole body, smile.  I tell myself you reserve this smile for me, but I know that isn’t true.  You still call us “my mommy” or “my daddy” in conversation – things like, “tonight, I eat pastas, my mommy?” And that sweet little possessiveness can be so charming.

But like most two year olds – or thirty two year old pregnant persons – you can run every bit as cold as hot.  Most of the time, you are having a fit about something we are denying you.  You can’t believe that your cruel parents won’t let you eat M&Ms for dinner, and last week you cried for twenty minutes after I told you that you couldn’t have your birthday till December.  Patience isn’t your virtue, but it’s okay because you have so many others.

You love to help, and can already be generous and so thoughtful.  You tell us often to “be happy!” and go out of your way to make sure we are.  If anyone ever complains of a headache or backache, you are first in line to “rub it and make it better.” You ask “how was your day, daddy?” nearly every night with no prompting or reminding, and love to listen to the answers.

For quite a while now, you’ve been the “what?” police – responding with a semi-astonished “whhhhattt?” to everything we say.  And as we shake our heads and insist that you heard us the first time, you follow it up with “whhhaaatt, my mommy?” More recently, we are entering the “why?” phase of life. “Why is it raining Mommy? “Why are the clouds full of water?” “Why, why, why?” Frankly, I’m not sure what is more insanely frustrating, and I can’t wait to pepper you with these same questions when you are 18 years old and uninterested in talking to me anymore.

You love being outside, and our nights are spent roaming the backyard, patio and neighborhood.  When I think back to this time, I hope I can remember the smell of honeysuckle following us around, and the way your little face is covered in warpaint of old  sunscreen smears, a powdering of dirt and usually a few leftover smudges of dinner. And the way that you still turn to us for boo boo kisses, because “mommy kisses magic.” And even your completely irrational, but kind of charming fear of ants and spiders – and the hero worship for Daddy as he slays these mighty creatures so you can continue storming the bastille.

Two and a half years ago, our world tipped on its axis and my center of gravity readjusted onto a 7 pound 15 ounce baby bundle.  I know another great earthquake is heading our way in a mere blink of an eye, and Lucas, it probably will have more impact on you than anyone else.  Your little world will be feeling aftershocks for years to come, but hopefully after the initial big and inevitable tremors, those little ripples will feel like adventures, fun and brotherly bonding.

You are so much more than we ever could have imagined, little man. Hang on, because I expect the back half of your two year old year is going to be a wild ride.  We’ll get through it together.

I love you to the moon and back!
Your Mama


One Response to “Two and a Half Years Old”

  1. GiGi June 11, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    Lucky, blessed boy to have landed in this family!!!!!

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