The Big Slide

5 Jun

Last weekend, we went to Smith Playground for the morning. It was our first time but I doubt our last.

The giant indoor and outdoor play space was all well received, but the 40-foot long wooden slide was by far the winner. If you’ll excuse the unfocused quality of the video, you can watch Luke and Tim zoom down on their burlap sacks.

Although it looks like Tim nearly dislocates Lucas’ arm, Luke was raring to go again (and again, and again).


One Response to “The Big Slide”

  1. GiGi June 5, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    I thought the point was to go down ON the burlap sac, not HEAD FIRST with your dad pulling your arm out of it’s socket!!! Thank heavens grandparents weren’t there!!!!!

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