Big Boy Room Update

4 Jun

Luke is doing terrific in his big boy room.  The crib is a distant memory and he doesn’t seem upset by the idea of brother moving in on his old turf.  He is consistently sleeping through the night although tends to spend more time hanging out awake in his bed before falling asleep than we were used to.

There, of course, have been a couple classic Lucas moments through the change.

Like the night we forgot to put the gate up at his door, and found him standing 12 inches from our face the next morning with a giant shit eating grin.  He promptly whispered, “Mommy, I sneak in here!” which was a vary apt description of his behavior.  The child who can’t do anything quietly managed to get out of his room and into my face without a whisper of noise.  He was thrilled with himself and we were re-resolved to gating the door.

Similarly, last weekend, we woke up to the sound of tiny metal pings echoing down the hallway. I laid in bed puzzling what would make that noise while Tim jumped out with full suspicions already in place.  As only Lucas could, he was manually removing the screws from the gate on his door — somehow utilizing his fingers as a Phillips screwdriver — in an effort to disassemble the gate.  Once he’d get them out, he’d toss them over the gate onto the wood floor making the distinctive pinging noise.



One Response to “Big Boy Room Update”

  1. Teresa June 7, 2013 at 6:35 am #

    He is a clever boy 🙂

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