29 May

Luke loves to be outside, and adores all the activities that come with spending time out there.

Several weeks ago, we planted some strawberry seeds into a tiny pot, and he began obsessively monitoring their growth.  Considering that it takes two seasons to have edible berries, and that we completely and utterly neglected the poor pot once placing it outside, their fate doesn’t look good.

Farmer Pops heard about the strawberry woes and recommended lettuce for their speedy growth as toddlers = instant gratification gardening.  They mailed up some lettuce seeds and we have been talking about planting them for about a week.

Memorial Day offered the perfect chance to kick off our container gardening collection, so we told Luke we were heading to the store to get supplies to grow our lettuce.  On the way there, he asked (very seriously, I’ll add) if we were going to the salad store.  And, even better, continued to reference the salad store (sometimes calling it the “salad bar”) on our entire trip there.  Home Depot shall forever be renamed…

PlantingAs you can see, there was a lot of excitement over planting our salad.

Planting1And, Lucas got to help filling up all the pots with dirt and placing our seeds (and little plants) in for safe growing.Planting2With crossed fingers and a stronger commitment to providing sun and water to this gaggle, we are hoping for lettuce, grape tomatoes, zucchini, jalapeno peppers, chives and basil for summer dining.

Planting3Although, Lucas assures me that he has no interest in eating any of the salad we are growing.  “No Mommy, I no like salad.  I no eat lettuce.  You eat it” — he declares.  We shall see…

No MommyThis is the “No, mommy. No salad” face … I’d say he’s pretty adamant. Also, check out the missing molar on the one side… not looking forward to that one making an appearance soon.


One Response to “Salad”

  1. Teresa May 30, 2013 at 6:11 am #

    He obviously has some quite strong feelings about salad.

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