Transition Time

20 May

We are amidst transition in our house these days — at least Lucas is.

He’s in the process of changing daycare rooms to a preschool prep room called “Get Set.”  This will be the first time he heads upstairs with the big kids, leaving the babies and toddlers on the first floor.  Of all the room transitions he’s made, thus far, this one has been the easiest.  He’s eager to be upstairs, and wishes he could spend all his time up there already.  He loves being around bigger kids and is excited for the bigger kid playground and the in-room potty.  Right now, he spends 2-3 days up there each week and the others back in the safety of the Older Toddler room.

I picked him up on Friday upstairs from the Get Set room.  He was thrilled to show off all the new toys and give me a tour of the second floor.  Even sweeter though, once we headed downstairs, we couldn’t leave as he was insisting he needed to “say goodbye to toddlers.”  We had to pop into the other daycare room and wish everyone a happy weekend before we could safely head home.

Similarly, we are dangling on the precipice of the “Big Boy Room” here at home.  The furniture is in; pictures are hung; bedding arranged.  We are still waiting on curtains and a few last bits and bobs to finalize the space.  For now, he’s content to visit it.  Half his books are currently residing in there and he loves sitting on the big bed to read them.  But, if you ask him when he’ll be spending the night in there, he tells you “maybe tomorrow, I need to sleep in my cribby.”

We are working with a June 1 transition date and praying this begets some longer sleep stretches.  As I type tonight, he’s shouting from his beloved cribby “I need mommy!” He knows change is upon him and is reverting to a more infantile sleep pattern — early to rise, often to wake.  But, instead of the infant wailing, now we get the random requests:  1) I need milk; 2) Time to go downstairs (often at 2am); 3) Turn the fan on (or off); and most recently and frustratingly, 4) I need to go on the potty.

Of course, these are micro-transitions compared to what will hit in July!


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