14 May

As I was heading down the stairs on Mother’s Day morning, I noticed Tim prodding Luke to say something.  Clearly, he had been instructed to give me a hug and wish me “Happy Mother’s Day.”  Instead, he looked rather confused and loudly pronounced “I give you a Mother’s Day!”  I was glad to receive it.

_ _ _ _

We are still battling a bit of the “mine” drama.  Everything belongs to him all the time — even things that can’t be owned.  For example, if I tell him that the girl down the street is a nice girl, and he’s in a mine mood.  He’ll respond “MY nice girl!”  Last weekend, he was fussing at the table and making his displeasure with me quite clear.  Tim reprimanded him that it wasn’t Mommy’s fault he was so cranky.  He responded indignantly, “NO, not Mommy’s fault.  It’s MY fault!”  Too true that time around…

_ _ _ _

He has an incredibly selective memory. He can’t seem to recall that the number 4 comes after 3 and insists that the numbers go 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.  But, if you mention anything about my office, he’ll immediately tell you that there was a spider on a box in my office — something that happened three months ago and hasn’t been discussed in our house since.  Similarly, he sometimes go weeks or even a month or more between baths at Gigi’s house, but without fail, he’ll know if she changes out a single bath toy.  He knows each and every toy that is meant to be bathed with there, despite only seeing them once in a while.

_ _ _ _

Several mispronunciations happening that are almost too cute to be corrected:

1) “Mommy, look! There’s our parking seat.” — always a parking seat and not a parking spot.2) “I want an ola bar” — instead of granola bar.  And, he almost definitely means cereal bar instead of an ola bar anyway.
3) “Get my off coff” — also known as a wash cloth.
4) Deer are always described as reindeer.  Stink bugs are better known as “stinky spiders.” And, M&Ms are “ani-melts” — that one took quite a long time to figure out with certainty.



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