13 May

There are two lots left in our neighborhood for building, and one recently sold.  With this, in the past few weeks, a gift has descended upon our house in the form of heavy machinery.  There are bulldozers, tractors, diggers and other assorted construction equipment scattered across the lot across the street, now visible from multiple windows at our house. Luke is in love.

BulldozerHe spends a significant amount of time gazing out the window at these new friends – usually while shouting orders at them. “Bulldozer, you dig!” His inside friends (panda pictured above) also enjoy watching the big trucks performing their daily duties.

This morning was no exception to the rule.  Even more thrilling than the mere trucks, the work crew had arrived and was walking the site.  Luke ordered them about from the safety of the master bedroom window and watched with rapture as they got in and out of the bulldozer.  About twenty minutes into his truck gazing, he shouted “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” And when I asked what the red alert was for, he responded “Dat Man out dere is wearing pants!”  Thank heavens for that, huh?


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