7 May

We’ve had beautiful weather for the past few weekends which has given us an opportunity to get out and explore our gardens a bit.  Thanks to the utter lack of green thumb in our house, we lean heavily on professional guidance for how/when/where to plant.  But, it didn’t take a gardenologist to realize that we had a dead juniper tree at the front of our house.  Tim and Lucas took the opportunity to chop it down last weekend.  Gardening

They had to don their gardening gloves, and get out the proper equipment.


And someone needed to touch every garden tool outside.

Gardening2Including the push brooom — which you can see he is using at top speed in this picture.  Also note that it is completely upside down and therefore pushing nothing while making a horrible scraping sound.

Gardening3But the favorite part was knocking all the excess dirt from the dead tree roots.  There was vigorous chopping with his shovel, and even a few grunts thrown in for good measure.  Apparently it’s a necessary part of his intense gardening concentration.

Gardening4Also, please note the frequency with which this child wears red pants.  They are his absolute favorites.  He specializes in picking out red pants in the morning. Every. Single. Day.  And once they are on, he has to talk about them all day.  “Mommy, you see my red pants? They nice!”


One Response to “Gardening”

  1. GiGi May 7, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    He is such a cutie!!!!!

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