Isn’t he precious?

1 May


Just precious.

Now let me set the stage.  We’d had a busy day.  We spent most of the morning and afternoon at the local fair – walking amidst the farm animals, riding the rides, enjoying the carnival food.  We spent the evening out to dinner — whereby Lucas lasted fifteen minutes before announcing (loudly) “I all done.  I ready to go to the fair” – which was so not the plan.  In our efforts to distract him there as we waited for our bill, Tim performed a rousing rendition of one of The Wiggles classics “rockabye your bear” in which your beloved teddy bear falls asleep.  He was so convincing in his singing that Luke screamed.  Literally screamed.  And then shouted, “I waking the bears up.” I’m fairly sure a lady may have spilled her drink and others looked on in horror.  We promptly left.

Of course, we couldn’t leave it there.  We had to venture to the furniture store in search of his big boy furniture.  That was our plan.  Luke’s plan was to run up and down the hallways at full sprint speed.  And, then to tear all the pillows off the display beds until he found a bolster pillow which he decided was a snake.  A snake that needed to attack Tim.  In the crotch.  And then come after brother… hissing… loudly… in front of people.  The snake also needed to take a whack at the sales guy. It was a proud moment.

Cue the lollipop — a gift from god that grants five minutes of peace to weary parents whose child is acting like a junior terrorist. And he becomes just precious.  “Thank you for my poppy pop,” he says while sitting calmly and sucking away.  “It’s good!  It tastes purple,” he announces to the bruised sales guy.

Trust me, no one was more thankful for the “poppy pop” than Tim and I.


One Response to “Isn’t he precious?”

  1. Teresa May 2, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    Hysterical 🙂 Really laugh out loud funny. Of course, not at the time.

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