Third Trimester

29 Apr

Hard to believe that we will be welcoming another little baby into our lives in thirteen weeks — or probably more like fourteen weeks if he is anything like his big brother.  Although, I’m totally willing to play favorites for a (safe and healthy) early delivery.

In so many ways, time is slipping through my fingers with this pregnancy.  It feels like yesterday that I stood in the bathroom and watched the second pink line appear faintly with complete shock, a little awe and a lot of fear bubbling up in my throat.  Since then, we moved, Lucas turned two, seasons changed and time ticked on more rapidly than I would have thought.  But, in the day to day, the time feels like mud.  It doesn’t slip through my fingers like grains of sand; it lingers and bubbles in frustrating bouts of sickness, sciatica and swelling.

The reality of upcoming change has settled on my heart and mind lately, and I find myself choosing things that are silly or fun over things that are practical and necessary.  Should we take time off from work to go to the zoo with Lucas?  Of course.  Should we spend the weekend at the fair and splurge on ride tickets and picnic fare?  Of course.  Can we squeeze in another hour at the playground this afternoon before dinner and bathtime?  Why not.  Making memories.  Pausing time. Remembering these moments with just us three — even with the stubborn little guy kicking away feverishly in my belly — seems so important.


Until this past weekend, we’d taken no steps with getting Lucas transitioned into his new room.  There was no furniture, no bedding and no plan.  Little thumper is well known around our house as “brudder” – with no name and little progress towards his own separate identity. There’s time to worry about all that … I tell myself over and over.  But the time is slipping by and the practical, necessary things that scream “change is coming ahead” are now needing to be prioritized.

This is the the third trimester — the days when my own physical changes will force me to slow down and settle into the new reality of life as a family of four.  We will make room literally and figuratively for this little guy.  We’ll help his big brother understand how special his new role is and how important he’ll always be to us.  We’ll find our new rhythm and march at the pace that makes sense for our new unit, and we’ll do it all together.


One Response to “Third Trimester”

  1. GiGi April 29, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    And you will do it well, no doubt………

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