Let’s Go Fly A Kite

24 Apr

Tim had the brilliant idea to go fly a kite on Saturday.  It didn’t take much to get Lucas on board — we were still wearing pajamas and he was collecting his shoes from the laundry room to head out.

It was a perfect day for kite flying, even if the toddler only has a twenty minute attention span for it and is promptly distracted by the people setting up a picnic nearby.  After the first thrilling twenty minutes and a minor meltdown due to the unfortunate misconception that he would be flying on the kite, Luke spent the next fifteen minutes edging towards the picnickers and shouting “what they doin’ over dere?  Dey got cake?!”  By the time we went to leave, the party goers had offered him a cupcake and a party favor which we promptly declined while packing our party crashing, kite flyer into the car!


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