Five Things I Love About Lucas – 2 years 4 months edition

17 Apr

1) His interchangeable use of the words “today” and “everyday” — for example, this morning I dressed him in a basketball shirt and he shouted, “I love wearing basketballs everyday!”

2) His continued insistence that everything tastes like chicken (which he doesn’t even like that much).  We’ll give him some bites of delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream, and he’ll shout “yummy!” The yummy declaration almost always means I’ll ask him what it tastes like, in which case, he’ll almost always respond, “chiiiiiicken!”

3) His growing interest in and confusion about his brother. He loves to say, “Mommy, carry my up with my brudder” — a statement just sweet enough to make me bend down and heft him up on top of the growing bump, at which point he gleefully exclaims, “I’m squishing him!” Similarly, his total confusion as to how and when brother will be arriving.  He thinks that one day I’ll lift up my shirt and out he will pop.  He will say, “Brudder is in Mommy’s belly.  He come outta her shirt.”  If only it was that simple…

4) His hatred of my ponytail.  For some reason, he has a real grudge against me putting my hair up into a ponytail, and immediately announces, “I don’t like dat ponytail.”  He has recently started calling all tails (including Tali’s) ponytails.

5) His new love of cuddling.  I’m not sure if it is the age or an innate sense that things are going to be changing in our household very soon, but the boy who never had any interest in snuggling now loves a good cuddle session.  After reading Goodnight Moon each night, he twists around till his head is on my shoulder and whispers, “now you rock me little bit” – and regardless of the baby protesting inside with violent thumps as he gets squished or the super long day that leaves me wanting to collapse into bed, I’m happy to rock him for much longer than the little bit requested.


One Response to “Five Things I Love About Lucas – 2 years 4 months edition”

  1. GiGi April 19, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Ahhh, such sweet thoughts about an awesome boy from a fantastic mother!!!!!

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