10 Apr

“Mommy, I play with your pad?”

HUH!  Thankfully, this question is only asked in regards to the coveted iPad — a device kept 95% off limits from grubby toddler hands and only used in desperate circumstances for a few minutes of peace. In general, Luke has very small amounts of “screen time” — yup, screen time is the new age parenting term for minutes spent in front of TVs, computers, iPads, cell phones, etc… We don’t love the quick descent to zombie face while watching TV, or the tantrums that come after his pleas for “please, please, please mommy, more shows!” fall on deaf ears.

The iPad is the rarest of privileges – mostly because it requires more adult supervision than 12 minutes of Fireman Sam.  While I trust (most of the time) that he won’t throw it on the ground or slam it into the side of the coffee table, I’m skeptical that he would know better than to run while holding it or get frustrated and drop it off the side of the couch.  But, while it happens infrequently, I do appreciate the educational components of the iPad applications.


Here’s Luke playing with one of his favorite apps – Endless Alphabet – whereby tiny gremlin monsters storm the screen scattering letters across it (while Luke shouts “oh no, Mommy” every single time) and he has to drag the letters back to their hollow outline forming a word.  Once the word is correctly aligned, the gremlins march back out and perform a skit that helps define the word.

Fingers crossed that this helps with his letter recognition, because, now, whenever you ask him to identify a letter, he responds with “C is for Cookie.”


One Response to “iPad”

  1. Meghan April 10, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

    P.S. What is up with Fireman Sam? That is one weird show!

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