The aftermath…

9 Apr

ToddlerMessCheck out the emptied toy storage in the corner of the room… only a few discarded books remain.  I also enjoy the semi-tantrummy “go away” gesture that Luke is making towards me as I photograph the destruction.  These are the moments you just want to set a match to the toy bins and walk away.

To be fair, he didn’t create this havoc on his own.  There were other toddler compatriots assisting in the chaos. But, he manages to recreate some version of this madness on a bi-weekly basis without any miniature hands supporting his madness.


One Response to “The aftermath…”

  1. GiGi April 10, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    The “go away” gesture looks suspiciously like a toddler version of a middle finger gesture!!!!!!

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