2 Apr

We were in the checkout line at Home Depot this weekend and Luke yells, “Daddy, what’s that cowboy doing?” as a man wearing a cowboy hat walks by… He then proceeds to interrogate both us and the cashier as to where the cowboy went and where more cowboys could be hiding.

_ _ _ _ _

We had yummy ice cream cake after Easter dinner to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday, and moments after Luke receives his piece, he states, “I a lucky boy!”

_ _ _ _ _

After twenty+ minutes of listening to him shout “NO!” at 6 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, I finally drag my tired self into his room.  I find him standing in his crib staring suspiciously at his bookshelf where his big, stuffed monkey sits.  He sees me come in and immediately says, “he’s looking at me!” with an air of suspicion and disgust while pointing at monkey.  I respond, “Lucas, that’s your friend monkey” and he immediately perks up with “Oh, he’s my friend.  Hey Monkey!”

_ _ _ _ _

While sitting on Tim’s lap, he reaches up and notices that Tim hasn’t shaved yet.  He says, “You got crumbs on your face, Daddy?”



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