Egg Hunts

29 Mar

Little man is a fan of the hunt — it’s not surprising as it’s in his blood.

When I remarked to my mom that he didn’t really understand the concept of an egg hunt at first, she exclaimed, “Well didn’t you practice with him at home?  We always practiced first.” Clearly, my sister and I were competitive egg hunters – probably the finest in our generation.  Poor Luke didn’t stand a chance in comparison – his mom didn’t know that you were supposed to stage elaborate hunts for days in advance of the community event to give your child a candy grabbing edge.

Thankfully, he was none the wiser and completely enthralled with the idea of running around snapping up plastic beacons of springtime.  He was equally content to trade those colorful gems in for a stuffed bunny at the end of the hunt – something that made this suger-stingy mom very happy indeed.

Here are some pictures from his hunting experiences this past weekend.


One Response to “Egg Hunts”

  1. Nan & Pops March 29, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    How come Luke doesn’t have a fancy Easter basket with bunny ears on it. So deprived!!!!

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