Donald Duck and His Diaper

28 Mar

We’ve recently noticed a skyrocketing amount of pretend play in Luke’s world.  His men (the Fisher Price Little People he loves) are often having conversations among themselves as the drive their cars around our family room.  For a while, the conversations were mostly variations of hellos and goodbyes with some jibberjabber mixed in for good measure.  These days, the pretend play is much more elaborate, significantly longer and tends to mirror snippets of his own life.

Last week, we had spent a good bit of time talking about potty training.  He has been asking to wear underwear when we are home and using the potty regularly.  The below video is the result of all that chatter.

You’ll see him take Donald Duck over to the flip side of the coffee table because he is “dirty” and needs a new diaper.  He procures the pretend diaper from his dump truck and talks about getting “all clean.” Donald Duck and Pete head back around the table as Lucas describes them as being very “stinky” and needing more diapers and wipers.  Donald is laid down for a final diaper change and Luke slips into a booming bass version of his very own ditty “so happy and bright.”




One Response to “Donald Duck and His Diaper”

  1. GiGi March 29, 2013 at 10:23 am #

    ” Oh happy and Bright”!!! Wow, a clean diaper brings out the best of his vocal abilities, American Idol, here comes Luke!!! I think Luke may be ready for the “Amy and Tommy” stories!!!!

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