Old Stomping Grounds

25 Mar

We went back to visit our old stomping grounds — the trusty park adjacent to our old neighborhood.  The home of countless hours spent swinging, sliding, riding horses and exploring the paths.

We pulled in and I couldn’t hold back my shock at how small the playground looked — I’ve lost track as Lucas has gradually pushed the boundaries of age and his own physical limitations so that our new playground haunts look more like castles, towers, roller coaster-esque slides and large climbing equipment.  The old playground – with its two small slides is dwarfed in comparison.

But, the old playground — a hallowed space — it’s where Luke learned to run on uneven ground.  Where he learned to love the swings — and begged for minutes and minutes more of being pushed.  It’s where he took his first trip down a sliding board.  He must have gone up and down those slides hundreds of times before our big move.

He seemed to recognize the old place, and we went through the familiar routine of riding each of the four rocking horses for 3.5 seconds.  He went down each slide and quickly lost interest.  He briefly explored the train, and realized it didn’t pose much of a challenge.  We were only there five minutes and he said, “we go to another park?”

The change in four months was rather remarkable.  Thankfully, he was aptly distracted by the ladder – a portion of the park we previously guided him away from with regularity. But this go round, merely four months since we moved, the ladder was the bees knees.  He would zip up it – with no assistance or fail safes – and fly down the slide only to announce “again!?”


One Response to “Old Stomping Grounds”

  1. GiGi March 25, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    It sounds like a tornado wind is whipping around you at the park!!! I can’t believe Tim was not holding onto that climbing toddler, wow, did he ever climb that thing quickly!! That stupid climbing thing always made me crazy. And of course, weren’t all the kids at the park calling for Lucas, the proverbial busybody!!!!

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