Word Jumble

21 Mar

It’s amazing to watch Lucas continue to grow and evolve in language.  We are one year out from his ear tubes — a surgery that we elected to proceed with due to his complete absence of speech.  He was fifteen months old and not saying much of anything — occasionally we’d hear “dadada” and we thought he was starting to say “car” at the time.

With twelve months of distance, those quiet days are nearly forgotten as our house quakes with words, laughter and a fair amount of tantrum shouting! His mind is so full of words — one of the greatest joys of parenting a two-year old is laying witness to the explosion of language that tumbles from their mouths.  Eighty percent of the time I’m in complete awe of his correct use of words, attitude, inflection and expression…. the other twenty percent is often spent biting back laughter as he misuses phrases, pronouns and proper names.

In the heat of the moment, he often refers to either Tim or I as “mommydaddy” – all spit out in one big mouth full of a sentence so quickly that he can’t spare the millisecond to consider which parent is fielding the request.

He’s also mixing up words and thoughts more and more.  This morning, he paused while putting on his coat and quizzically asked, “where my brownies?” Since it was 8:30 in the morning and I’ve never given him brownies in his life, you can imagine my reaction…. thankfully, context clues (his hands tapping around his face and eyes) led me to say “do you mean your eyebrows?  Your brows-ies?” Affirmative.

Similarly, we took him for his first Rita’s Italian Ice experience on this chilly First Day of Spring — partially an attempt by me to establish some fun traditions, but more a desperate recognition that there was no dinner for Tim and I in the house and free water ice would have to serve the purpose.  He was thrilled to leave the house after dinner for a “special treat” – a phrase that is always met with sheer, unbridled and unrivaled glee.  We ordered him Swedish Fish flavored ice – figuring the strawberry cherry flavor would be a winner.  We weren’t wrong.  He declared it yummy and “soooo good!”  When I asked him what it tasted like, a 100 watt smile spread across his face as he declared “chicken!”  Ummm, okay….



One Response to “Word Jumble”

  1. GiGi March 22, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    “chicken!!!!” Oh my!!!!

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