14 Mar

We are always encouraging Lucas to use his words — rather than fists, feet or teeth — to tell us how he is feeling.  These days, we typically get swatted at, kicked or pushed before a loud, indignant declaration of “I cranky at you!” I’m not sure where he learned the word cranky — although I imagine it came out of my mouth first — but he’s taken to it like with a passion.

He’s not nearly as good at elaborating the reason for being so “cranky at you!”  If you nudge him with a “why” or “what did I do” he usually looks puzzled and then shouts, “I mad!” Mad is often interchangeable with angry and sometimes “fuss-ated.”

His daycare teacher asked me yesterday if we are hearing “I cranky at you!” at home as she is often the victim of his declarative pronouncement at school.  I assured her that we are … and yes, we find it as adorable and frustratingly funny as she does…


P.S. Sorry for the bloggy absence… it’s been a busy week around these parts and I’m terrible at pre-writing/posting my entries these days.  Bonus picture up there as my olive branch.


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