Backseat Driver

7 Mar

We turned Luke’s car seat around on Christmas Eve – giving him a whole new perspective during car trips.  He loves to look out the front window and comment on the world passing by.  But, more recently, his comments are less of the “oh look, I see a…” variety and increasingly directive and downright bossy.  The switch came around the time I started teaching him (why, oh why, I thought it was a good idea, I don’t recall) what red light/green light means.

Now, our car rides are full of loud, demanding shrieks of “Go, Mommy, GO!  Da light green!” and “STOP, Mommy, stop!” In addition to go and stop, I’m also regularly fielding requests to drive faster and make certain things appear within his line of sight – most often school buses and big trucks.

All this would be no problem if A) he was accurate with his stop and go demands and B) he didn’t require a verbal response from me within two seconds of his shout to keep from melting into complete tantrum-toddler mode.  It takes 5 minutes to drive from our house to daycare, and I probably say, “No buddy, the light is green, we have to drive” or “Sorry bud, Mommy has to stop now” or “Lucas, there is no light here, we have to keep going” at least 18 times.

BigSmilesThank heavens he’s cute…


One Response to “Backseat Driver”

  1. GiGi March 7, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    Hmmm bossy child, let me take a trip down memory lane, and remember the nursery school teacher telling me, in my very first parent conference, “Jessica is very assertive, she seems to think she should always be the “line leader” or the “weather person” or the “flag holder”…Hmmm…..the proverbial “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” story…. I am going to enjoy watching this child grow up!!!!!!!!

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