Putting Him To Work

1 Mar

Guess where we were recently?

PickingUpBallsIf that isn’t a dead giveaway, then you have no hope of getting the correct answer.  For there is only one place where sticky balls abound and must be attacked daily with hopes of ridding the yard of the poky pest….


Of course, Luke was happy to oblige as he loves a good task and wants to be as helpful as possible.  This is especially true whenever Daddy is hard at work – Luke is already convinced that he can do all Daddy’s jobs just as well — probably better in fact – than Tim.

But picking up balls was only a small part of the fun – there was firewood to stack.  Now, don’t let the idea that the firewood being nearly as long as him and weighing awfully close to as much would stop this determined two-year old.  He was in it to win it.

(click to make bigger)

I’m sure the heavy lifting went a long way to the excellent sleeping we saw there — his first experience in a big boy bed!  And despite two middle of the night ear piecing screaming sessions after “I fall out!”, he slept like a log and loved his visit.  In fact, just this week, he drove his truck across the floor shouting “I goin to Merryland.  I go pick up Nan and Pops.”



One Response to “Putting Him To Work”

  1. GiGi March 3, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    That is one special boy!!!!!

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