Doing Art

27 Feb

Lucas is regularly asking to “do art” these days.  Doing art can be coloring, painting or the always beloved playing with play dough.  As art is becoming more popular, we’ve been forced to rethink our art set up around the house.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the mom who sent her child out to play in the snow while wearing crocs with plastic baggies on his feet had convinced the same child that the best place to “do art” with play dough was on the bathroom floor.  Because, play dough is messy.  It also smells.  And tiny little pieces of it fleck off causing a confetti of neon specks all over the play area.  It definitely requires immediate post-play dough hand washing since it embeds itself firmly under the nails.  And, it most definitely requires constant supervision since Lucas thinks it tastes scrumptious and has been known to sneak a bite or lick whenever you aren’t (and sometimes when you are) looking.  Playdough2

But, at nearly half baked, bebe #2 was making it less and less fun to crouch on the bathroom floor and lean against the tub while creating play dough masterpieces.  Because, Lucas isn’t creating any kind of masterpieces.  Oh no, bossypants is shouting orders at the sucker parent he’s playing with to make cookie, make dinosaur, make pastas, make doggie.  And, as soon as said animal/mineral/vegetable is created, he’s smashing it to smithereens.

Playdough1So now, we are doing art at the kitchen table … with a plastic table cloth and a prayer for all the bits and flecks to stay out of the dog’s mouth and reach.  And, it’s a much more comfortable method of innovation.  I mean, check out that doggie up there, work. of. art.



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