Goodnight Moon

22 Feb

I’ve written before about our Goodnight Moon routine, and how it has evolved through the months (years now) that we’ve made it a part of our nightly traditions.  Lately, Lucas has been especially eager to hold the book for my rendition and even happier to flip the pages … making it a particularly good thing that I could recite the book blindfolded while being water boarded given his propensity for skipping pages or going backwards at random points.

Tonight though, I asked if he’d like to read the whole book to me.  He started out strong — nailing the great green room, telephone, red balloon, cows jumping over the moon and bears in chairs.  But, it was downhill from there … in a charming trail of mistakes that only a two year old can leave behind them.

He bid the mittens adieu by calling them socks. The mush was dubbed dessert.  The quiet old lady whispering hush?  Well, in Luke’s version of the book, she’s “crazy ole grandpa.” (side note: being called crazy or silly is the highest of compliments in his world so the old lady whispering hush should be honored) The comb and brush definitely had different names – although it seemed they were said in Swahili and I’m not proficient so I can’t be sure what exactly he named them.

All in all, it was the best, most interesting rendition to date. He snuggled into his pillow (another new edition to the bedtime routine) and seemed quite content with his reading prowess.

FirstPillowNightFirst night sleeping with a pillow — which he calls “special pillow for sweeping”; also Big Bird photo bomb


One Response to “Goodnight Moon”

  1. Teresa February 23, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    Sweetest boy 🙂

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