13 Feb

We are definitely living our days amidst the whims of tantrumy two-year old. I can safely say that 98 percent of the time is spent with smiles, laughter, energetic play and loud shrieks of joy.  But the other two percent… well, it looks a little bit like this:

TantrumBright red face, tears streaming down the cheeks, the same level of energetic yelling but certainly not in any kind of joyous way…  I think he was shouting “No, Mommy.  I angry.  I angry at YOU!  Go AWAY!” while I took this picture.  Why was he angry, you may wonder?  Well, because I was sitting on the couch in the exact spot that he wanted to pretend to go to sleep in.  Now, we have two couches — four pillows spread amongst them, two blankets for tucking in and plenty of floor space for “sleeping” needs.  But, the only acceptable spot for sleeping at that moment happened to be the exact spot where I had parked my tired arse.  So, he yelled.  He lay on the floor and beat his fists.  He turned red and purple.  Tears were shed and mean things said.  And then the whole dirty situation forgotten when I offered him a glass of milk — all forgiven, all forgotten, tantrum complete.

The fickle fancies of a two year old…  life is so hard sometimes when all you have to worry about is choosing between trucks and trains.


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